Magamba Rainforest – Usambar

Magamaba rainforest – Usambara

Language English
Capacity 1 person
Duration 7 hours

The tour begins with an uphill walk from Lushoto to the royal village of Kwembago, where you will learn about the ruling chief clan of the kilindi of the centuries- old kingdoms of Washambaa from Kwembago. You will have a beautiful view over Lushoto town and the Maasai plains. Continue with hike through the farm land to the natural forest the home of black and white colubus monkey. Frequently visible as they sit in groups high in the forest canopy. Proceed with hike to the dug German trench which was dug during first world war 1, walk five minute to the peak which the height above sea level is 1850m. From the top you can have a nice view of Lushoto town, Maasai plains, Jeargestal ( the hunting valley of the German) and other parts of the forest. Walk to the Old German school back to Lushoto.

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